Rumor: Lionhead’s New MMO Is Actually a Co-op RPG

 According to @supererogatory, everyone’s favorite anonymous game-industry muckracker, the new “MMO” Lionhead is hard at work on is more of a co-op RPG, though it will blend single- and multiplayer elements. More interestingly, the game will be released for Microsoft’s new console — codenamed “Durango,” though colloquially known as the “Xbox 720″ — and will feature brand-new IP from the studio that brought us the Fable series. Stay tuned for more information when we have it — especially information about streaming film After the War 2017 Lionhead’s MMO actually an MMO-like Durango multithreaded RPG that intertwines multi/single player. New IP. 4P co-op.— superannuation (@supererogatory) May 16, 2012

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